Snappy Wrap


Are you still there? Tell your family that they're being T-hogs!

I had ants in my pants and could NOT wait to start on my wrap. First, I had to do some serious ball-winding. I am sure the washer repairman thought I had nothing better to do than unwind five skeins for an hour! Yo, Wash-man - I salute your handyness, and my laundry piles are dwindling as I type. I asked him if he could build a deck, fix the doorbell, and paint walls, but I could have been speaking Swahili!

Anyway, I present the wrap with six rows . . .
My new favourite picture of B. We were standing around a baby lamb, and I couldn't for the life of me get a picture with all the little people crowding around it, so I called B's name, and she did not disappoint.

Grace and I went shopping at midnight, and I bought a $5 pillow from Jysk. Don't worry. I bought two.
And a vintage stool I bought for $10 on the Shun Piker yesterday. I can not describe how much I LOVE this stool. Even J agreed that it screamed our living room.

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