Just Me, Margaret and Hawksley

Dear N,

On the plane ride home I read The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. I realized that this is my seventh Atwood book and I still love her. I think all of this moody reading is affecting my own mood. T tries to keep my Atwood reading down to a minimum, as he know what happens when I start reading. Do you get like this too?

Anyway, I'm very excited for TO this weekend but I am semi-enjoying my time alone. Last night I put on Hawksley as I did some light housekeeping and it so reminded me of our concert and of my former life in London. Those were good times. I'm still waiting for him to come down here. Maybe I should write him a letter.

I've started walking around Lake Harriet. I'm doing this for a number of reasons:

1. to feel healthy
2. to lose a few pounds so I'll look good in my sister's wedding photos
3. I have nothing else to do
4. there may be a free concert at the band shell
5. good looking lads jogging - shirts + sweat = swoon

Ok, not so much #5 but it's an added bonus. Here is my view during my one hour jaunt around the lake (courtesy of Wikipedia).

I do love it here and will definitely enjoy it while I am still here.

Hope you are getting lots of knitting done sitting in the dentist's office. Bye for now dear N.