Shades of Grey

Dear T,

I truly believe that sewing should be referred to as pressing with a spot of stitching. I spent more time with my iron last night than I did with my sewing machine. I hate to iron – my kind of iron is the dewrinkle option on my dryer. I am noticing that I speak of ‘my’ appliances in a possessive tone. Weird.

I found some super cheap linen on-line, and I think I may order tons of it. It is so wonderful to work with – it feels slightly extravagant, but that may be due to the receipt and gaping hole in my bank account. It’s the cashmere to my newest needlecraft obsession.

The book club selection this month is titled Ella Minnow Pea, and the author escapes me at the moment. There are entire pages missing letters. It’s a must read. It must have taken ages to write this novel as well as a great deal of thought. I am halfway through, and now there are no z’s, no q’s, no j’s, and no d’s. And the o’s have been reduced by 25%. I’m not even quite sure how that is tracked. And it is amusing and sad at the same time. It is indeed possible to be both. I feel like that most every day.

My parents gifted me a certificate for the garden centre on Springbank. We walked down to it after dinner on Monday, and I have fallen in love with a couple hydrangea plants. I shall think of Stacia fondly when I clip them. She knows to what I am referring. Thieving has never been so much fun! I think I will go with basic white hydrangeas, but they had the most beautiful ruby coloured ones that I dreamt of briefly. The dream was shattered when I found out it was $10 more than the white one. Yes, I am that cheap.

We have been invited to dinner at the twins’ house on Saturday night – I am thinking that I will make that chocolate wafer & whip cream cake that you emailed me. So simple, yet breathtaking! How come Donna Hay didn’t think of it?