Poop Du Jour

I don’t say this often, but last night at KNIT Club, I knit so much, I was completely knit out. All this week I knit furiously in the car (it keeps me from clamping the seat in pure terror while J drives), in several dental offices and examination rooms, at a parade, in the lunch room at work, at home in the living room and downstairs in front of the television, at the park, and waiting in the lobby for J to pick me up. I think I might get out the sewing machine and my Simple Sewing book out this weekend. Unfortunately, there has been no sign of my linen package which is making me a wee bit anxious.

I know exactly what you mean about Atwood, but I have never connected the doomy, dismal feelings with the reading. Have you read Oryx and Crake? It’s different from the rest of her novels – I guess there’s a touch of The Handmaid’s Tale in there, but the story is told by a male character which is very unlike most of her other novels. My most favourite is Edible Woman – I love it when the main character slowly wedges herself between the bed and the wall, and the other people in the room start looking for her when they finally notice she is gone. I can really relate with her characters. The first book I read of Atwood’s was Cat’s Eye, and I fell in love with that book. I had to read all of her books right away. I also OD’d on Mordecai Richler in highschool. If my memory serves me correct, I got hooked on Richler first, then Atwood, then Robertson Davies, Margaret Laurence, Carol Shields, Timothy Findley, and countless Canadian writers, and I’ve never looked back.

Ironically at the moment, my library account is in limbo – J returned some of my books with an empty CD case two weeks ago, and I got a call from a librarian alerting me to the situation, and I returned the disc a week later, but no one knows where the case is now. It’s an LPL mystery! I think I might write a book about it. You know trying to prove my innocence and stuff. As we speak, Em is on the case, so I am very hopeful that my account gets ironed out soon. I will keep you updated as more clues unfold.

Still no linen. What is happening??

I peeked out the kitchen window today and saw an old-fashioned porch screen door resting on the wall on the deck. What could J be up to next? I am slightly afraid and at the same time curious to what he is thinking. You know how I don’t go anywhere without my knitting? Well, he has this thick and very glossy “backyard projects” magazine attached to his armpit everywhere we go. And every time I turn my back, he is out there shoveling this god-awful red cedar shavings all over the garden. It’s just the colour that makes me crazy. Even black or tan would be preferable, but not red. Puh-leaze! I just hope that this obsession with the garden continues and doesn’t go slack. Secretly I am enjoying the fact that the yard is looking much better than last year, but there is no way that I will admit this to him!

I hope you enjoy your visit with the in-laws. I am sure you and T will get spoiled to no end. I just pray that Mrs. A doesn’t send you home with more of that cherry loaf. Bleh!



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