The Green Bag Monster

Dear N,

Gosh how time flies. The weekends always go by so quickly and Mondays come way too fast. T and I had an old friend of his visiting from Japan and she very appropriately brought me two craft magazines. Although I cannot read a word of Japanese, these magazines are a pleasure to look at and the diagrams are so thorough that I plan on attempting some of the projects. They come with complete paper patterns for all of the projects too.The photos are quite nice, all linen and soft colours. I have my eye on some slippers and a biscuit basket for when I get back from Vancouver.

I gifted her the felted bag that I blogged about before. Here it is post felting.It kind of looks like a bag monster with the buttons sewn on but I assure you, when you carry it like a bag it looks a lot less monster-like. Other than looking like eyes, the buttons don't really do anything.

Anyway, I'm off to make a sheep cake. T and I are invited to the home of one of the professors from the U and they are serving lamb from their farm. I also may be able to snag some pure wool roving that they have stored away and that's why I'm bringing a sheep cake. I'll post a pic once it's done. Have a good night N!