Happy Victoria Day!

Greetings to my fellow Commonwealth dweller. Ok, so maybe I don't live in the Commonwealth anymore but technically I am still a resident. Hope you are enjoying your time off today!

In honour of our heritage, I present this linen tea towel, which, if I'm lucky, will be hanging in my kitchen very soon. I found it here and fell in love with it. It is based on an original WWII poster that the British government planned to issue in the case of an attack. Luckily for them it was not needed but I like it for it's colour and text, plus it makes me laugh. I think it'll look nice framed in my blue kitchen. Maybe you should get one for Childreach. It may come in handy during those surprise fire drills!

I returned from rainy Vancouver last night. We actually had some really nice weather and it didn't start raining until after T left for Toronto. I was sad to leave, as usual, but I didn't mind going back home. It was a good trip, no, a great trip. On top of spending time with my family, my family got to know T a lot better and everyone liked him! This is a big step and I am so grateful for such supportive and understanding parents. There comes a point in your life when you finally grow up and realize that your parents were right all along and that they really do want what's best for you. Things are looking good for us finally.

It was nice being back in our space again. We had cleaned it up before we left so I would have a pleasant arrival. I didn't feel lonely until bedtime when the house was just way too quiet. After ten days of parties, lunches, swimming and playing with toddlers, you really notice when there's no noise. I suddenly had that deep, lonesome feeling that kind of just sits in your chest and takes your breath away. I wanted my mommy and daddy. I think I've been away from home for long enough. And by home I don't mean an actual place, I mean my family. I think it's time to seriously consider going back....