Flights of Fancy

You missed a great yarn sale, T, my dear friend. I managed to not call in sick so that I would be first in line at 9:30 a.m.; however, I did leave work early so that I could be out in Hyde Park shortly after 4 p.m. I only bought one item – a wrap kit at 60% off. It is lovely and frivolous with a couple mini skeins of Koigu, Manos del Uruguay hand-dyed cotton, some Philosopher’s Wool, and a beautiful skein of chunky Alpaca – all in the most wonderful shades of green. It got me thinking that I could make up a dozen of my own wrap kits using my stash under the bed! Oh well, it was inspirational to say the least.

I hope your flight was uneventful and smooth like a mango smoothie. Speaking of, J has been making mango smoothies lately, but they tend to be oversweet. How did you make your mango smoothie so calm? If ever a smoothie was calm, it was yours. His smoothies pack a punch. I can’t describe it, so I will stop.

I took a leap of faith and ordered the linen on-line. The verdict is still out. It should arrive in the next few weeks. I am anxious to sew some more projects from Lotta Jansdotter’s book. I hope my family and friends don’t mind homemade gift after homemade gift. Is there such a thing as OD-ing on homemade gifts? I certainly hope not because I have a ton of stuff up my sleeves. It’s too bad my dad would not appreciate a man-wrap. I need to make that a trend. Men would be seen everywhere with wraps casually thrown around their shoulders to waive off the chilly breeze of a cool summer evening. I have a friend in the buying department at Harry Rosen in Toronto. I should suggest it. It could be the new black. Did you know that navy is the new black? Well it is. And birds trump squid any day. These are the things I know to be true.