Soul Desert

Dear T,

Your post made me so sad. I am hard at work on the passports - honest! I may not have the actual funds for a visit immediately, but you can rest assured that I will soon be able to fly down there by the seat of my pants! Totally off topic, but B noted this afternoon on our walk to the park that you lived in Mini-apples now which is very far off so you may not be able to attend her 5th birthday party this September. This made her a little droopy, but then listed off a couple of dozen others that she could invite including their cars.
I have been hard at work on several knitting projects - none of which I have actually completed. Everything seems to be in a state of 'nearly done, but not'. I have proof:

The Vest - needs blocking, seaming, and more ribbing around the neck and arms.

My 2nd Mason Dixon Ball Band Dishcloth - I knit it up at a parade, but still need to weave in ends.

The Wrap - nearly half finished!! I love it for its randomness.

And no post is complete without your bit 'o' B!