Progressive Progress

Bonjour, T.

I finished piecing the front of E’s quilt last night, and all that’s left is to sew on some borders, cut out the backing and sew that on along with the batting, and then quilt it all together. I will be relieved once it is finished. It looks beautiful though, and I just know it will look lovely on her black cast-iron daybed. And one day way, way, WAY in the future, she will appreciate all my hard work. I still remember the minute I handed over B’s little crib-sized quilt. I placed it gently on the floor. I came back two minutes later, and the kid had scribbled with markers all over it. She was making her blankie pretty. Thank goodness the markers were washable. I am slowly catching on to this parenting stuff.

Ta DA! I present you with the Mason Dixon ball-band dishcloth. Thanks for passing on the pattern and the prototype and telling me it was easy. It gave me the courage to do it – nine months later! I was busy doing other stuff. My 4.5 mm straights are occupied at the moment with the front of the vest, but as soon as I bind off the shoulders, I am throwing on the brown and lime green at my mum’s suggestion. I hope she doesn’t want it – it will look perfect in my kitchen! I honestly don’t see me getting it done by Sunday for Mother’s Day anyway.

I adore your craft magazines. And the monster bag is fantastic! I happen to have two copies of One Skein out from the library. I came close to returning one, but then I had a stroke of genius! The second book will extend my loaning period by a week or two. That’s four weeks rather than just three – at least 28 days instead of a measly 21. I feel a second monster purse in the works. Personally I would not have placed two buttons on either side of the gash/handle. If I am not wrong, I believe the clutch in the book has nine various buttons below the handle placed in a grid of three rows of three buttons. Why mess with that? Ah, symmetry – the harmony of form that results from balanced proportions.

I am debating whether a hot cup of tea is in order for a dark chocolate square with white mint filling. I would be crazy to gulp it down with water, wouldn’t I?