Ode to Whole Foods or Two Out of Three Aint Bad

Dearest N,

I'm back! What a jet setter I am! Toronto was great. I knew I missed it but I didn't realize how much until T and I were browsing through Kensington Market and then had a lovely dinner on the patio of Gateways to India on Baldwin Street. Brought back so many memories of our early days living in the city and walking around together. It was also super great seeing T's parents. It was so kind and so generous of them to fly me up so that I wouldn't have to spend the long weekend alone. Plus, I ran into the Yarn Harlot's yarn crawl at Lettuce Knits!!!! Can you believe it? I was so excited as I picked up two skeins of chunky baby alpaca and some of the ladies even spoke to me! I didn't participate in the crawl but was present (across the street) when they took this picture (courtesy of the Yarn Harlot).

How cool is that? I had a bitter sweet moment when I picked up some Manos del Uraguay and thought of you and how all of these ladies had their chums except for me...sniff, sniff.

So now back to the usual grind. It's going to be a busy week so in anticipation of that and my lack of motivation to cook while T is away, I thought I'd stop by my very favourite Whole Foods Market on the way home from work today. I picked up some lovely organic corn, an eggplant, some almonds for biscotti later on this week, and a couple of other things. I thought that the whole Whole Foods obsession was way overrated but they really do have the best quality meats, fish and produce and if it's in season, it costs just as much as it does everywhere else, so why not buy organic? Anyway, as I cruised happily down the aisles I noticed a strange man following me around and every time I'd kind of look his way he'd mumble something and give me the "smile and wink". He wasn't bad looking, even attractive but his behaviour really creeped me out. After trying to lose him with some quick turns I finally lost him when I ducked into the Homeopathy aisle and in behind a big display of flax seed oil. I was so close to telling the cashier about the creepy man in their store but I just grabbed my stuff and ran out of there. I hope I will find the courage to return to Whole Foods again one day. Maybe when T comes back.

I was greeted when I got home by two things in the mail that made me squeal. One was my Keep Calm and Carry On dishtowel, which had arrived from Australia and which I LOVE even more in person. The other was a cheque (notice Canadian spelling) from the United States Treasury! I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be getting any money back from my tax return or that I'd piss off the IRS and they would tell the Department of Homeland Security and I would get deported.

So despite the creepy guy who ruined my usually pleasant Whole Foods experience, it's been a good day and I have nothing to complain about. Hope your day was just as nice.