Newsbreak – Excessive Drinking Can Ruin Memories

Hey T,

As we move into Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, the prospect of three days off thrills me to no end, but I find myself increasingly daunted by all of the previously made arrangements. I honestly thought my weekend was virtually free, but one glance at my calendar, and I was taken back by how fast my days have filled up. Just last night at KNIT club, we were discussing the personality dimensions program, and it was new to one of the girls, so someone explained the four colours and what they meant. Of course I am blue through and through, but I added that I was very gold at home, and they laughed like it was obvious. I had to ask how it was so obvious – I was indeed quite curious as I am extremely scatterbrained and good-natured to a fault – and they told me to pull out my day planner and just look at it. Admittedly, it was painfully apparent that I had everything beneath the sun scheduled in this book; however, that being said, I would have thought that I was daftly unorganized because I literally can not keep in mind the simplest things that I must write them down neurotically or else I will forget. Does having a full, scribbley day planner make me strictly organized or does it mean that I can not remember to wipe my own ass??