Uptown Girl

Good day, T!
We got 20 free Billy Joel concert tickets for Sunday night at the JLC. I know what you're thinking - Why the heck did we move? I don't really know. It's crazy.

Here's the linen apron in all its glory. My cousin is going to have to rip it off me. Its simple design and lack of colour give it a very utilitarian look, but you could also call it 'classic' or 'timeless'. Plus the linen gives it that oomph of extravagance.

Here's the vest (above). This is the back. I am about a third through the front piece. I am loving the shaping of garments. Below is a picture of what was happening above the vest as I was taking the picture. She is practically attached to me - it's the invisible umbilical cord thing happening. Oh, how I absolutely adore her back. When she stops following me (I shall curse the day!), I will start trailing her around. In fact, when I look at the vest, I can see her tiny toes in the top right corner. What a silly kook!

Enjoy your time back on Canadian soil. I actually feel farther away from you! Well, because I am. Take lots of pictures. Will there be any wedding planning on this trip?