Time's Up!

Dear N,

Oh what a beautiful wrap! I love everything about it, including the lush garden and the chunky necklace. The colours are great and the drape is so elegant. I hope you are keeping it for yourself. You inspired me to whip up some ball band dishcloths because of your colour combinations. I currently have a brown and aqua blue one on the needles.

Well, this was my last weekend as a single woman. T comes home tomorrow and I'm through the roof. I've made a few changes to the house that I hope he likes. And along with T comes the digital camera! It'll be nice to have pictures to post again and I will take lots!

It's unfortunate that I was never able to make it to the Gathering on the Green but on Saturday I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. It was like a farmer's market on crack! There were stalls as far as the eye could see full of local produce, plants, flowers, and tons of food. I was so overwhelmed but that didn't stop me from purchasing some herbs for my patio herb garden as well as some flowering plants and a yummy Italian sausage for lunch. I cannot wait to go back and bring T along.

Then today I went up to the outlet mall with my friend from downstairs. Her husband was away over the weekend so we kind of hung out. I have to admit, I scored big, huge actually, at the outlet mall. I don't want to brag or nothin' but I got the most beautiful pair of brown leather riding boots at Burberry for, get this---$49! I just had to have them and now I can't wait until fall when I can wear them. That's all I bought but I'm quite pleased. I wish you were here to take part in all of this consumerism.

Today I made these. Kind of labour intensive but well worth the effort. Top them off with a little Mexican hot sauce and you got yourself one awesome snack. Photo and recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Now off to tidy up the house and pick out an outfit to pick up T in tomorrow!

Good night, N.