the knit stitch

Hey T!

How's your weekend going? I think we are setting a record for seeing every single member of both sides of our families in two days. At lunch we sat down with a dozen of Josh's relatives for his Gramma's 75th, and for dinner, we went out to my uncle's for swimming and a big bbq for my Grampa's 77th and to celebrate Father's Day in general. The girls are zonked out, but I stopped for a grande latte on the way home, and I was so perked up that I finished the sleeve on this puppy!

I don't know any one-armed babies, so I guess I will have to stitch on another sleeve. I haven't been knitting this on the down-low. It was just that I couldn't get a picture of it before this that you would have been able to picture what it would look like. Know what I mean? It's a baby Einstein coat from the Knit Stitch designed by Sally Melville. I am using a not-so-soft or drapey acrylic, and I would definitely knit this again, but with a wool or cotton a bit lighter in weight than this particular yarn. I admit that it could stand on a baby. Oh well. It's a learning process. I love the fact that there is next to no seaming. It's all about picking up the stitches which I am getting darn good at if I must say so myself.

The latte is wearing off, and I must head to bed. I am nearly finished that whore book you recommended a few posts back. Fantastic book, T.