Don't Let Cake Push You Around

Dear N,

I swear I almost lost it Thursday night, no actually, I did lose it on Thursday night and Friday morning. It all started on Thursday when I volunteered to bring a cake for the farewell lunch for one of the girls at work who was beginning her maternity leave. I had a cake in mind and thought that it would be simple enough to do in one night. Normally this would be true but I had a super crazy week and by Thursday I was exhausted. So it was kind of last minute anyway, as I usually bake my cakes a couple of days before so that they can fully cool and settle. Then I decorate them the day after. Not only did everything go wrong with this little baby bassinet cake, I was just not in the frame of mind and the cake was getting on my last nerve. The icing was the wrong consistency, the white chocolate filling was way too thin while the strawberry filling was way too thick, and did I mention that it was about thirty five degrees in that kitchen? I walked away from it twice, only to be lured back to it twice, thinking to myself "the cake cannot win". I finally go to bed at 12:30am with the thing half finished and wake up at 6:30 to complete it. Needless to say, I wasn't that happy with it but I promised cake so I was going to bring cake. Many times it crossed my mind that I would just throw this cake out the window and pick one up at the grocery store on the way to work. But I did not let the cake win! I finished it, boxed it up and just as I thought I was safe, the demon possessed thing shifted and landed upside down still in its box. I did not cry. I ran back into the house to get a spatula, scooped the cake back onto the cake board, gooped the icing back onto the spots where it had fallen off and off to work we went. Let me tell you, I was very happy to see that knife go into that cake. Die cake, die! Here it is before it's deliberate fall in the car.