Imaginary Friends

I dreamt last night that I was walking through my house and happened upon a huge bright and airy warehouse-type room. The floors and walls were cement, but there were big windows and doors (although in need of a lot of scrubbing), and there were old cupboards and appliances, but I thought to myself that it would make a brilliant craft area. Along one wall, I found a really long and wide formica table that I delegated for my sewing machine and cutting mat. I was excited to clean and cozy up the space and throw up loads of shelving, and it would be heavenly.

As I sit here ‘working’, I was thinking how nice it would be to get started on the workspace when I get home tonight. And then I remembered that it was all just a dream. Why am I grieving as if it were a real loss? I’m so silly sometimes. As if a big room would appear on my house’s butt out of nowhere!

I started on another pair of Malabrigo mittens. I think I will start to work on more mittens to prepare for next winter. These mittens were fantastically delicious on my hands last year. I want to spread that mitten love. Soon I will be the mitten wizard! People will bow down to my mittens.

At the wedding last weekend, the deejay played Sexy Back before I could get inebriated enough to dance in front of people, and I fought the urge to boot it back to London to blast some JT down in my basement where I could dance all crazy without being seen. The timing was all wrong. I managed to last a few more hours, and I danced to two or three songs for the amusement of my family. I believe they took pictures, and no, I don’t want to see them.

Oh! It’s sweltering outside, and E decided to wear jeans, and B told me out of the blue that Jesus lives in yellow sand land. Really?