76 Days Until Christmas

Dear N,

Oh I am still here! I have missed our daily emails and correspondences during my work move last week. My Outlook is still not up as of today so I figured I would try communicating to you through our little blog.

Your Thanksgiving post was just lovely and made me miss my own family. T and I did have his mom and dad down from TO and that was definitely nice. We had turkey with all the trimmings and just spent some nice quality time together. I am all turkeyed out and I can imagine that you are too. Your pictures of the horses and Ontario fall made me nostalgic and I really think that E has a future in photography. Great behind shot in the apple orchard!

So with Thanksgiving behind us, it's time to really hunker down and get our Christmas knitting going. In fact, we only have 76 days left! Since Christmas will be celebrated in Minneapolis this year I thought I would knit up some of these in the University of Minnesota's Golden Gopher colours for family members. Who doesn't love things made in mini?

On October 15th I think we should take part in the Blog Action Day. I already have a couple of ideas that I'd like to work on.

The Top Chef reunion is coming on in a few minutes and I've been waiting to watch it since Hung's win last week. T and I were rooting for that cocky little man the whole time. Looking forward to having my Outlook back! G'nite N!