Leaf Me Alone

B and I picked up some leaves from the front yard. I wish I had some red or orange leaves, but we just get green, yellow and brown. The leaves are still pretty regardless. I just love me the fall.
I finished my mum's hat and one wristwarmer. I started the second Thursday night while gathering with a roomful of London knitters - go see pictures and more tales at Ellen's and Laurie's blogs. Without a thought to the consequences, I proudly showed off my first sock to what seemed like a standing ovation from knitters. And the cameras came out and started clicking. When you see me, please understand that I was loopy from a handful of advil and still bleeding profusely from having my wisdom tooth yanked out hours before. What does this say about me? It says that I am insanely obsessed by knitting and desparate to meet other knitters with the same addiction. Well I was rewarded with my efforts, because I met some of the most loveliest people! Chances are we're going to try meeting at a roadhouse next - knitting and beer! Mmmm. If only I could hold my liquor like I used to . . .

The last week was spent working, chauffuring the family, teaching a friend to knit, housework, making scarecrows, dental work, gymnastics, ballet, swimming, boo bash planning, reading my holds from the library, taking minutes at multiple meetings, organizing two fundraising events, and lord knows what else. It was very rushed, but I seemed to accomplish it all, and for that I am happy. Nobody was left angry or disappointed. Call it developing and maintaining strategic partnerships, because if that's what it's called, I deserve an A+. Tomorrow I plan to lay back and take it easy - a little 'me' maintenance like you suggested. The kids should be tuckered out after today, and I am fairly certain that they too need a day just like that. Who doesn't?

Ta ta for now,


Katherine said...

That gathering looks like so much fun! Lots of people too. And your hat is beautiful!!