Blog Action Day

Dear N,

Happy Blog Action Day! I'm having some trouble with my digital camera so I was unable to take pictures of my felted sweater pillow but I do have some pictures to share of two tables that T and I refurbished a few weeks ago. It all goes along with reusing items, which I think is the most important of the three R's.

This table we brought with us from our old house in London. Right after we moved into this little cottage that was obviously a student rental for many years, the owner sold it and told us that we could do whatever we wanted with the furniture that was left. Most of it was in pretty bad shape and had to be junked and some of it we were able to give away on FreeCycle. One man's junk and etcetera. I always liked the lines of this table but it was covered in layers of paint, and drippy paint at that. It took awhile to sand it all off but repainted properly and new brushed nickel hardware and it's good as new.This table was also a London special. It was in great condition and sturdy as a rock but just not the colour we wanted (red). Now that it's black it fits in with the rest of the furniture and is now home to T's family heirloom pineapple lamp. Not my favourite room accessory but his late aunt from Rhode Island made it and guest sure are drawn to it.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if it can be fixed or prettied up in some way, do it. Not only will you save some cash but you'll also be helping the environment by not buying more stuff. And don't we all have enough stuff?

Some other things that I would like to do to decrease my ecological footprint is to put a jar of rocks in the tank of the toilet to save on water, switching to all energy saving light bulbs (we're almost there!), buying organic, and this winter we'll keep the thermostat at one degree lower than we usually keep it. One of my favourite sites to go for more green ideas is Treehugger. Also, for Christmas this year, all of my family members are getting knitted grocery bags like the brown one that I just finished. It doesn't seem like much and there's always room for improvement but every little bit helps.

Happy Blog Action Day, N! Hope you get home from your "bored" meeting on time to put B to bed.