Prestige Calculator with Dual Power

I finished one sock, and I am higher than a kite! Sock knitting is bliss. Especially when one is done. I am a bit wary about casting on the second. Will it be as wonderful as its predecessor? The same size? Please send good knitting vibes my way. I don’t think I could bear another sock catastrophe. I wish you could feel this sock on your foot. It is so warm and lovely. I admit that I have been walking around with one indigo sock just because it feels so good.

Drum roll, please! D-d-d-d-d-d—d-d-d---d-d-d-d—d-d-d-d-d-d—d- . . .

A patchwork pillow! A quillow! But without the quilting, so I guess it’s just a pillow. But it’s a beautiful pillow. A piece of art! And I didn’t just make one, I made three! I will keep the chocolate brown corduroy pillow for myself, and the other two I plan to give my mum for her birthday, along with the toque (which I also completed!), at the end of this month. Her pillows were made with a loden green wool material. I don’t have pictures of them yet because I have to go out and buy the pillow forms first! Things to do, things to do! The fabric for the patchwork pillows were thrifted from a London mum who runs her own business called Generation Baby. I haven’t even made a dent in the fabric she gave me. I have enough fabric to last me until I check out!

The tables look professionally restored! Pat yourselves on the back, T & T. You are great environmental role models. We try to do our best around here by using those energy-saving light bulbs, using our blue boxes, THRIFTING, reusing what we already have, and refusing plastic bags. I am sure there is a lot more we could be doing. I recently changed our handsoap to Method, and I am loving it. Get this! I have replaced my Bath & Body Works soaps with Method! I miss it sometimes, but Method looks nice and is very fragrant too, so I can’t complain. And just last month, I held a Norwex cleaning demonstration party at my house. They sell cloths and cleaning products that do not use chemicals and are all environmentally-safe. They were expensive, but if I never have to buy all the harsh chemical cleaners, then really, I am saving money as well. The anti-bacterial microfibre cleaning cloths are the BEST. I love my cloths. And I was able to get the toilet brush of my dreams!! I know y’all think I am insane, but this toilet brush is supercalifragilistic expee-al-idocious! Word up yo!



Katherine said...

That's a beautiful quillow. The fabrics are wonderful. And you made three? Nice. I can't wait to see the others.

But pray tell: why is it the toilet brush of your dreams? (I'm very happy for you, by the way).