BOO Blue

I am really trying to enjoy Halloween, but truth be told, it’s my least favourite holiday in the world. I don’t like candy, dressing up, begging for candy, or answering the door 3,000 times to scary-looking kids or kids who are plain scared of me. Even carving the pumpkins was too messy for my liking. I am such a Halloween poop. I can’t wait to walk very slowly in the pitch black and freeze my bum off. I need to put a positive spin on this. I need some help! Anyone?

In knitting news, I met up with my knitters on Monday night for knitting at Starbucks with my old posse, and afterwards we headed to the library in Wortley Village for a fundraising event for My Sister’s Place – a charitable organization that helps women who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. We threw some cash in the pot, grabbed some yarn and needles, and sat down to an evening of music, readings, sketches and knitted art while we knit up 6-inch squares for blankets for the ‘sisters’. It was awesome!!! I swear to Todd, I was on a natural high. And a couple ladies from the London Knit Ravelry group were there, so we all sat together and chatted during intermission. We’ve decided to dedicate one weekly gathering a month to charity knit. I’m excited about this because I have an easy preemie hat pattern that I have whipped up several times in the matter of a night. Unfortunately none of them made it to any preemies since they also fit amazingly well on B’s baby dolls’ heads. The little thief came out of nowhere! I will have to start knitting on the sly.

Guess who’s coming to town on Friday??? Our old friend Barbara Coloroso! She makes me want to be the best parent ever, and sometimes I need a little reminding. I got a free ticket from one of my sweetest co-workers. I am so thrilled! If I could only get this excited about tonight . . .



knitty_kat said...

I didn't know you didn't like Halloween! That's ok, I'm sure there are other holidays that you will enjoy more - how about that new one in February?? LOL