A Runny Nose on the Trampoline

I believe that B is coming down with a cold, so being the supportive caring family we are, we have buried ourselves under blankets and done a good job of loafing around - for her sake of course. El is down in the basement watching teen movies - you know, the movies made for television. B is circling her my little ponies around a carousel and dipping under her covers to warm up and nap when the need arises. I have hauled out my stash of wool from under the bed and taken pictures to file it all on my Ravelry workspace. It's a bit tedious, so I have been switching it up with my sock and a hat for my mum's birthday at the end of the month. It mother-flippin' FITS!!!
I am being productive! I am not making this up - I overheard another mum talking to another mum and caught them pointing at me in the corner knitting at gymnastics this morning. Her exact words were, "Man, she's got the right idea and using this time waiting around productively." I smiled. Little did she know that I was just biding my time until I got home to curl up on the white sofa and knit even more while neglecting the children and cleaning. Next up - a cup of hot tea and a homemade brownie. MMmmm.


Katherine said...

Your hat and sock are beautiful! What is that yarn you are using for the hat?