The Finest of the Flavours

Dear N,

During my lunch break today I went on eBay and bought 1/4 lb of Grade A organic bourbon vanilla beans for $11. That's a mere $0.42/bean! I am so excited for them to come. I've never actually worked with vanilla beans before but I know that they are supposed to be far superior than vanilla extract in any kind of baking. Call me crazy.

I could use my new beans to make a Princess cake.
Hee-hee. I saw this one on Super Eggplant and did more research into this Swedish pastry and now I really want to make one. So pretty! And tasty to boot.

Things are slow in the crafting front. My motivation to knit, or to do anything really, has washed away with all of this fall rain. And to make matters worse, I made a dentist appointment for next week. Maybe that Princess cake will have to wait until after I go. Hrmph!



knitty_kat said...

If you were to make one of these I think you would have to share! (hmm, I'm drooling on my keyboard!)