Winter Woodland Waiting

Dear N,

Wow! That's a serious haul of fabric. Nice stuff too! Where did you get it? Oh if only I was still in London my very genrous and kind blog buddy would share her fabric with me!

I was invited to join Ravelry on Friday and I haven't had much time to play around on there but what I've seen so far I love. It's a great place. I've already joined a group here in Minneapolis that meets on Tuesdays so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Also, I'll have plenty of time to get pictures up of my stash and projects. Speaking of projects, my Misty Alpaca awaits our Woodland-along.

I don't think the pink will be very woodsy but pretty all the same.

This is not a great picture (it's difficult to take a picture of your own hands) but I do love very much my new wrist warmers. Thank you again! So pretty how it peeks out of a coat sleeve. I'm glad that they did not get lost in the mail.
We plan on carving the pumpkin tomorrow, but I'll take the writst warmers off. It's time to head off for another weekend of work in the office. After this week I will have tons of time to knit and play around on Ravelry. Will you make more quillows with the new fabric?