A Sweater and Some Soup

Dear N,

Although I spent Saturday putting in some over time hours at work, I still feel like I had a great weekend. Friday night I actually went out and had drinks with some normal people. It was really nice to finally connect with people other than co-workers and incredibly intense grad students.

Yesterday I helped my boss unpack and organize the production room at our new office. I am also happy to report that Outlook is up and working again! I sent you an email on Friday but I think you had left already. Darn that whole time zone thing. Today T and I went to the new Super Target in Edina, which is only ten minutes away. It was as awesome as I had hoped, full of good deals and low, low prices. Then I went home and finished knitting a tiny sweater while the turkey carcass simmered away on the stove. We'll have turkey and rice soup to feed all of London, so come on down! Soup will forever remind me of you. I've never seen anyone so into soup!
One tiny sweater ready for the Christmas tree (excuse the bad lighting, it sure gets dark fast now).

I'm going to sign off now because the wireless is being finicky tonight. Hope B feels better soon!