We interrupt this program for a quick health update:

I am really loving the shoe shot right now. It's the new black. Or the new squid.

After a few doses of antibiotics, the littlest is feeling better than ever! I only wish I was half as resilient as that kid. And the weather on Sunday was gorgeous with lots of sunshine and a temperature in the high twenties again. So a walk to the park was in order (with my knitting in my bag of course). I took plenty of pictures, and it was noted that we could walk faster if I put the camera away. I followed suit, and soon enough, we were at the playground, and she found some new friends with whom to play. I finished the second wristwarmer, and we packed up and walked home for dinner. It was a very pleasant way to end the crazy hectic weekend.

Last night, the girls and I attended the OEYC Birthday Party at the Children’s Museum, and we had a grand time. El helped out by selling pizza tickets, and B and I played. We used to go to the museum all the time a few years ago when we had a membership, but it got so boring going weekly, and the displays don’t change frequently, so we didn’t renew. Seeing Beah so excited has made me seriously reconsider buying a membership again. I literally had to drag her away last night with the promise of another visit very soon. What’s even funnier is that we had to walk home because J took the car to work. It was really warm, so we could have been jacket-less, but knowing me, I had three toques, three scarves, and three pairs of mittens in addition to three winter coats. And because the littlest is so picky sometimes, I had extras in case something was too itchy or the wrong colour. We didn’t need any of it, needless to say! To top it off, it was getting late, so El and I decided that we would take the shortcut through the dark, unlit walking paths up past the poo plant rather than keep to the lit, busy streets. I was worried that B kept giving away our position in the pitch black with her rowdy stories of when she was in my belly. We got home in good time without being attacked. Some might call us 'survivors'.

I finished one sleeve of the Buttony, and I give myself a week to finish the second. I must get knitting on the second sock soon, as well, so my UFO pile doesn't get bigger. Did you see the UFO poll on Knitting Daily? I seem to be normal with 3 or 4 projects on the go at all times. Variety is the spice of life!

Back to work,


Katherine said...

Beautiful pictures.

We were just at the London Children's Museum last month and had a great time. We spent a lot of time in the caves, but that place is huge - we didn't even see the top floor until a few minutes before we had to leave.