30 Days of Happiness :: Antiquing

Call me crazy, but those crazy moose rugs that are probably more of a wall hanging than anything make my heart flutter. And it's super soft. Is it possible that it is SO tacky, it's beautiful???? I am going to put it in my craft nook and love it all to myself (mostly so no one else sees it and laughs 'cause it might seriously hurt my feelings). I'm also a little weirded out that this animal/nature tapestry thing is not far off hanging a fleece wolf blanket in my window.
I also bought a few baskets while antiquing on the weekend, and I found this one for $3. It's a really great size for something. I haven't quite decided for what exactly, but I have lots of options - yarn, blocks, toys, etc. I nearly didn't buy it 'cause it was a little too orangey in the store, but it must have been the florescent lighting 'cause it's absolutley perfect in my living room and doesn't look orange at all. In fact it could almost pull off red.

I really love to hunt for great finds, and I had some wonderfully patient shoppers with me. It's essential to have a good sounding board for these buying decisions 'cause I have been known to get carried away thrifting. I think I did good. I'm happy.


Rae said...

I like it as a wall hanging I think its to pretty to be stepped on. I love the basket I think I would have baskets all over the place here if we had more room lol.

Montreal Mama said...

Lovely basket! What a great find!