30 Days of Happiness :: Back to School

The girls had a great first day back at school. The oldest got to catch up with her gaggle of friends, and she even started off the second day back on the right foot by doing her homework! The littlest made two friends at her new school, and she remembers one of their names, so it's all good in her books. I left shoe shopping really late, so after dinner, the littlest and I went to the closest mall, and there were only two pairs of shoes left in her size at the shoe store. That was okay with the Bee because one pair glowed in the dark. Hey, that's what sells shoes to 7-year olds, and whatever gets me out of the mall fastest wins. That was easy.
Happiness is a short work week. :)


OrangeHeroMama said...

OMG! Those shoes are FLIPPIN ADORABLE!!!!


Montreal Mama said...

Those are awesome shoes. Sometimes I wish I were that age again to buy girly things like that.