Are there landmines left in Vietnam?

Am I absolutely crazy for wanting to make one of these? Is it fugly? Am I just wanting to make it because it looks easy, or is it somewhat cool? Truth is, I am not a vest person at all, but how different is it from a wrap? Do you think it would make my hips look massive?

I took the Foc-ass in for my bi-annual emissions test, and it actually passed. I am sure a part of me wished it hadn't, so I would have an excuse to replace the frickin' thing. The other part of me is relieved to no end that my bank account will go unscathed for a little while longer.

I will try to have some pictures for you tomorrow when the light is just right. I am working on some totes, and I can't wait to show them off. How's your stuffed bunny coming along?

Plus, at some point, we need to discuss some marketing strategies to get our blog out there. There could be book deals out there waiting or bloggie awards or strangers who are our best friends that we haven't met yet. Imagine the possibilities!!

Your best friend you already know,