Plans Gone Astray

Dear T,

I had big plans this evening. I rushed home, dropped off B, and picked up my knitting to whip out to the KNIT club for 5pm. Well, the drive started out just fine, but the more north I drove, the more windier and less visible the roads became. I made it 3/4 of the way and pulled into the Starbucks in front of Remark. While drinking my decaf and fretting over the increasingly horrible weather, I began knitting a toque for J. I got through the dreadful garter brim (I despise purling on a circular needle), and I forged back out to the car regardless of the winter storm - I was not going to miss a second of Grey's. Meredith could totally die without me! I can't believe that I have been sucked into watching that show. Seriously, I don't absolutely love any of the characters, and the plotlines are somewhat unbelievable, but I am insanely hooked.

I had planned on also buying a matted frame for more pencil-drawn princesses and some nylon webbing strap stuff for my tote bags I stitched up last night. I would have taken pictures, but they really can't hang to pose without the handles.

So much for getting any errands accomplished. Honestly, I am just glad that I made it home in one piece. The roads are crazy slick. E needs the computer in the worst way, so I will have to sign off for now. Tomorrow is sryans' first day of holidays, so you know what that means! And for those of you that don't - I will definitely be posting more. I promise.