Reasons to Smile

I spent my Minneapolis money for the next three years on a 2007 Ford Escape. Are you mad?

I should back up a bit. Saturday, I missed my sister's surprise 30th birthday party because I feared a breakdown halfway to Woodstock with two kids in the backseat and me pulling my hair out. Sunday afternoon, I officially went on strike from the Focus. However, despite many tests and maintenance checks, the Focus has passed with fantastic results. Apparently all of this paranoia is in my head, but as far as I am concerned, it's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. But everyone keeps saying it's fine!

Don't worry! I will try to make up for this lack of cash by selling my wares on the street corner if I must. That's a whole lotta princess drawings and boob brooches!!

Tip of the day: To make another person smile, send them a card on a holiday from their favourite piece of equipment. Lesley got a Valentine's Day card from the laminator, and she glowed for a week. It was postmarked and everything - the most bizarre of mysteries. That being said, I would appreciate some love reciprocated from the i5000 (the photocopier). I just give and give and give . . .