Need Something to Smile About?


Your apartment is so lovely. I love the red bathroom and the white subway tiles. The arches in the living room with the fireplace. I can't wait to visit. It occurred to me while lying in bed the other day, that I am not able to fly to Minnesota as I have not updated my passport. Is it that ridiculous to think I can drive there?

It is still 30 degrees below zero! I just feel like whining, but there is one good thing about extremely cold weather - I can show off my gorgeous handknits! Monday, I wore my Malabrigo legwarmers, my Manos del Uruguay hat, and my Patons Divine ribbed scarf, and I was toasty. I kept hoisting my leg onto my desk, and hiking my pantlegs up to my knees to wow the coworkers.

Today is E's 11th birthday. I feel older on her birthdays than I do on my own. We bought her a set of creamy white super-soft fleece bedsheets. These could not have come at a better time; however, I am certain there will be issues waking her up tomorrow morning for school. We also gave her The Fourth Summer of the Travelling Pants as she devoured the first three summers in January. That sounds kind of weird. I am stunned by the speed that she reads. Just like her mum. I am in the middle of Margaret Atwood's newest, Moral Disorder, and at the same time, I am reading Digging to America by Anne Tyler. Both are fairly new and popular at the library, and there is no way I will be able to renew them so I am plowing through them at a fairly frantic pace myself.

I am seriously considering knitting up a pair of the wristwarmers in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book, but it is knit using the magic loop method you mentioned before, and I still need to look up the video. It would be so much easier if you watched the video, and then came over and showed me how in person. Whaddya say?

* my babies are gettin' so big!