Little T

Hi N,

Oh no! I've been shrunk!
Ok, so it's a little hokey, but you can see the top of my church in the background as well as the Minneapolis skyline. This of course, was taken before winter really set in.

Speaking of which, will it ever be spring? I can't wait to take my cruiser out down to Lake Harriet and sit in the sun. Here she is waiting patiently on the hall landing for the first thaw.

So tomorrow is Friday. I wish I had something fun planned but I really just want to give the house a clean, re-pot some hyacinth bulbs, and forget that my b-day is on Monday. I think I may boycott it this year. Thanks for thinking about me though. Sniff, sniff.

Anyway, hope you find time to do some knitting or crafting of some sort done amidst all of the birthday party excitement. Let me know how it goes and if the couch comes out unstained this year. Fingers crossed!