Happy B-day to E!

Dearest N,

I was so happy to see your post today. I cannot believe that E is already 11 years old. It seems like only yesterday she was 18! I don't think I've met two people more alike than you and her. She's a mini N!

As for driving to Minnesota, well, I've done it and would not recommend it to anyone. Of course, I don't particularly enjoy driving but if you promise not to tell my parents or T's parents but I fell asleep in Wisconsin and almost drove off the highway. Luckily T was paying attention and swerved us back on course. The flight is less than two hours from Toronto and I would be there to pick you up with a packed schedule to visit all of the LYS in the Twin Cities area.

I have been meaning to embellish this little hat but cannot decide whether I would like a "cherry" pompom or beads. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. There's a cold little three year old head in Vancouver that needs the hat very soon!

It's a cupcake, if you can't tell. I realize that the picture isn't that great.

Don't feel so bad about your little ones growing up. You're the most young at heart person I know. Who else would make a Napoleon Dynamite collage for someone's going away card?