Super Bowl

Hi N,

I hear ya about the cold. It's 35 below, and that's in ferenheit. T's parents have just left, we've got the Super Bowl on, and like you, we're under the covers. This really makes me thankful that I have heat and a nice, warm home to live in. Speaking of which, I finally have my pictures downloaded.

*The red bathroom
*View of the living room from the dining room

*Bedroom (notice the homemade art on the wall)

There's plenty of room so come on down any time you want.

Your menu for E's birthday sounds fantastic. This year you should make sure that all of the old people and clumsy people get the "honoured guest" seats at the table so they'd be far from the white couch.

We're not big Super Bowl people but we figure we should watch it since it's such a huge deal down here. I'm at least looking forward to watching all of those commercials that we never get in Canada. So far, there's been some funny ones.

I so love the vintage pattern on the pj pants as well as the little corner of your house. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, who knows, maybe school will be canceled tomorrow.