Tres Jalouse Ici


I should start organizing a Knitting Roadshow in London. I would invite the Yarn Harlot and the Mason Dixon ladies. The Noro sisters are always dropping in at Needles & Pins, and that would be cool. Janet Filipchuk, the owner of London Yarns, knows everything you could ever want to know about hand knitting and machine knitting. I could teach classes on felted bowls, fondling yarn, easy-peasy dishcloths, finding patterns for which you never need to gauge, cabling, arm casts, and Mennonite coifs. I am a fountain of knitting knowledge. I would be so in over my head, it would be hilarious!

Your blanket is so lovely!! Will you also knit up a border? In what colour? I don’t understand your patience for the moss stitch – it’s so time consuming with your yarn moving back and forth between every stitch. Of course, I confess, it is very Debbie Bliss and beautiful. I am dabbling in some charity knitting myself. I have knit up a couple of newborn hats for preemies in Africa, but one of them has made it onto B’s baby doll’s head, and it fits perfectly, so what can I say?

I love that you love bamboo needles too. I tried to instill that love in Em, but she wasn’t having any of it. Oh well.

I have a busy night ahead. Soph and B have preschool soccer, and we are having dinner at Em’s beforehand. And after that, B and I are heading over to Kensal Park to register her for senior kindergarten. Tonight we are also supposed to get loads of snow, and of course, I have Governance at 7:45 tomorrow morning! That means getting to work at 7 a.m. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. The only good news is the Admin Team meeting has been cancelled!! There really is a Todd.