Staying Under the Covers

Hola T,

It's absolutely frickin' freezing in London this weekend too! I'm not going back outside ever!!

I knit up two small bowls for felting - I plan to fill them up with Valentine's Day treats for the girls. B needs barrettes badly as her bangs grow out, and E will be getting scrapbooking supplies as my mum has signed her up for classes. There will be a few sweets as well, but truthfully these girls aren't into the bonbons that much. You wouldn't believe the bags of Halloween candy that I had to trash.

I'm just taking it easy this weekend because next weekend is the big birthday dinner for E. I have to feed 15 people - that's not too bad, but considering I have a table that only seats 6, it's always buffet style, and I am definitely not doing a Mexican Fiesta theme again this year. I nearly lost it when my grandfather dripped greasy taco beef onto my white sofa. I was thinking of going with a French-style pot roast, roasted potatoes and carrots and grapes with dill in addition to the enormous Costco cake and a barrel of London Ice Cream Factory ice cream. Mmmmm.

B just asked me where her necklace was, and I told her to check under her shirt, and it was there. She practically glared at me and warned me not to do that again, and then stomped away. What?

The light is just right today, so I took a few pictures.

* B's collection of Folkmanis ballerina puppets stashed out of reach on her dresser.

* decorative balls of wool waiting for inspiration + basket of fo's and random balls

* gold lace wrap (handknit by a pro) + stripey shrug (handknit by moi)

* pajama pants posing for the camera (sewed using a kids' sewing book = instructions I can understand)

* and a close up of the vintage bedsheets I used

I really hope you had fun with the in-laws, and you let them spoil you guys. Keep warm, and as E always says, "Peace out!".