Bunny Heads

Hey there N,

Just a quick post because I'm bored out of my mind at work. I definitely was NOT saying this last week.

What a lovely story about your reunion with the family. Makes you feel all warm on the inside. Also makes you develop a serious hankering for Timmies (even more so since I've given up coffee for Lent starting today).

I started on this little bunny stuffie last night. My goal was to knit him up with dpns but that didn't last very long. Pulled it out and knit up his head on two needles, which proved to be tons easier. Sorry, no pic but I will post a finished bunny when I'm done. I'd like to have two bunnies done for the girls for Easter so that gives me forty days and forty nights (ok, maybe Grace would not find that joke funny). Plus maybe a hat and some clothes for each (bunny, not girl).

Here is another super cute and less complicated stuffie to knit up.

He's from the Coats Crafts website. Wouldn't he be adorable with vintage print fabric embellishments?

Hope you have a good hump day. Also, I think the ruffly scarf may appeal to SRyan's girly side, albeit hidden from the light of day.