One Down, One to Go!

Salutations T,

:: Here's E making a heartfelt speech (hand over heart makes everything more sincere - note to self: use said tactic when lying outright to management)

:: Can you spot the B?

Things you should know about 13 ten-year old girls:
  • they can shriek and scream for five hours without getting winded
  • 30 mini pizzas last five minutes tops & same goes for three 2 litres of pop
  • referring to fancy greens as a salad is mean-spirited false advertising
  • 2 bags of cheetos does not make up for fancy greens
  • popcorn never makes it to their mouths - it was on the stairs, in the bathroom (?), and all over the floor - I stopped the party and vaccuumed in the first hour
  • if you give them scissors and t-shirts, they will create the 'hoochiest' garments (we're talking skirts that were no more than a wide belt around the waist)
  • rather than catfights, they discussed in great lengths that 'cool' was merely an adjective to describe something chilly
And as for today's big party, I have thrown the roast out the window, and I am sticking to my old stand-by that I never get wrong - chicken pesto pasta. To hell with the 5-course meal! Who am I kidding? I have 15 coming over for dinner, and only 12 large dinner plates. So I thumb my nose at the world. And rather than clean the house top to bottom, I shall venture out to Hyde Park and take in a yarn sale, 'cause the last thing I really need is another hank of Manos!