The Urge to Splurge

Hello T.

Feast your eyes on the roses from my garden!

I was flipping through the pages once again in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and on a complete whim, I decided I needed to make the hand/wrist warmers immediately. And before I could reason with myself, the car keys were in hand, and I was out the door, down the steps, and in the car. I had an hour before my lys closed. Lots of time.

I pulled into the parking garage that promises 1-hour free parking for plaza customers only, but all cars are under 24-hour surveillance, and you must pay on Level 2. Where is Level 2? Do I need a ticket? How do they know I am shopping in the plaza? I should mention that all the parking spots are too small, and there are loads of giant cement pillars that threaten to scrape the crap off your vehicle if it doesn’t dent it first. I should also mention that this is like my sixth trip to this store, and none of this is new to me, but my nerves continue to wreak havoc each time. There’s never a soul to approach with my 101 questions, and the signs seem to increase in number and hostility. Eek. So I glanced back over my shoulder and said good-bye to my only way home like it was the last time. I was going to hurry.

I walked into the store, and instinctively, I eyed the Noro Cash Iroha and grabbed the first colour I fancied which happened to be lavendar - what is up with all things lavendar? I can't seem to choose any other colour at the moment. Oh well. I went around and pawed all the balls within reach. This alerted the owner to ask me if I required any assistance, to which I replied, "Yes! Was I right to just park and leave my car? Do I need a ticket? Do I need to pay someone? How do they know that I am shopping in the plaza? Will my car still be there when I leave?" She calmly noted that I did the right thing by just parking, and if there were any problems, I just need to come to her, and she would sort it all out. I nearly sobbed with relief, and then I went back to my yarn shopping to my leisure. Ahh. I bought the one skein of Noro and three balls of a discounted chocolate brown alpaca blend wool, and I didn't break the bank entirely. And my car was in tact when I left. Good times.


Back to my mittens . . . One down with one to go.