Tale of Two Thanksgivings

We are fortunate to have a good portion of my family living within an hour’s drive. Holidays are never spent alone, and in fact, we benefit from multiple dinners every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas – any special occasion really. Most of the time, I spend days griping about the (short) drive, the inconvenient timing, a family feud – nearly anything I could possibly think of making into a justifiable complaint. And nearly always I am proven extremely wrong and a little bit insane. Oh, there are moments where I would be interested in strangling a relative or two, but I am sure it is tenfold in return. I think there are groups of stranglers lying in wait for me all the time.
Back on the topic of Thanksgiving! This is what I mean by veering off. Anyway, we had two lovely turkey dinners. We reconnected with our parents, grandparents, aunts ‘n’ uncles, cousins, and nieces ‘n’ nephews. The driving was scenic with the my favourite autumn colours and lots of sunshine. The weather was glorious – it was 30 degrees celcius. That’s mother-flippin’ hot. The girls were kept busy raking leaves, listening to funny family stories, walking in the woods, riding the little tractor and wagon, petting horses, catching up with cousins, lounging in the hammock under the twinkling lights, and sitting around the campfire. I took piles of pictures and laughed and laughed. I think my family is crazy in the bestest way.
I have yet to scrounge up a set of 5.5 mm dpns, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I think this is my knitting karma telling me to finish the mother-flippin’ sock already, and I am going to listen for once. My knitting karma will reward me with some dynamite sleeves if I knit up those dang socks for the love of Todd. This, I am certain.

Remember when I couldn’t find an evening group for the life of me? Well, now I have them coming out my butt! Em’s old library branch is holding a free drop-in knit gathering twice a month, and London Yarns is resuming the defunct weekly KNIT Club this month! As luck would have it, both are on Thursdays, but there’s enough of me to go around. As with nearly everything I do, I will try the free group out first, and if all goes well, I can mix it up a bit. I will let you know how it goes.

I have nothing planned this evening – just me and sock #1, and some crafting and baking with the tots. Plus I have fabric remnants slewed all over my white sofa which isn’t really that great-looking, so tidying is definitely in order.
Hope you get connected soon, T. I am not doing the blog justice with my rambling.