Classic Mittens and Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Maybe I am a bit tired of knitting socks and scarves. Or maybe I just needed to switch it up a bit. I haven't knit many pairs of mittens. I find them fussy. I am amazed how some people just crank out dozens without a second thought. I am even more amazed when they give them away to charities as if it was nothing. Mittens are work for me - all the shaping, following the pattern, counting rows, knitting thumbs, and doing it TWICE! Well, I came along a mitten pattern in Weekend Knitting, and it had very minimal shaping, and I figured I would knit the first to fit my hand, and the second, to match the first. I used some of my Briggs & Little wool that I scored at the KW Knitters Fair, and I am happy enough. I think the wool might have been too heavy, therefore making the mitten a bit too roomy width-wise for my hand, but easy? This pattern was easy to do away with the book for a good part of my knitting. Holla.

I've been trolling around the Crafty Crow blog for Halloween crafts and activities, and I couldn't resist whipping up a Chocolate Cake in a Mug. Do you have 5 minutes? Flip. Go make one for yourself. You deserve it.
Speaking of good things and a worthy audience, T and I are concocting a little giveaway to just say THANKS. We've been at this blog nearly two years now. We started this space to keep in touch and continue to inspire each other, but it means so much more than that. For me, I find myself reflecting on my days - how they're spent, what's most important, and seeing the beauty in things that would normally go unnoticed. It's not just writing the blog, but reading other blogs. My bloglines has replaced my daily dose of 'real' news. I find myself trying to be a better parent, a better partner, a better friend, a better person. Blah, blah, blah . . . Seriously back to the giveaway - be on the lookout. Maybe Monday? What better way to start a new week. Please come back. I think you will like what you see. :)


Katherine said...

I so deserve a chocolate cake in a mug. Thank you for that link from the bottom of my heart. : )

I'll be back (of course) and I have no doubt it will be fabulous!

Katherine said...

Oh, I forgot: love the mittens!

Anonymous said...

ooooh mittens and choc cake! I think i will make myself some cake tonight(after the urchins go to bed!) :D

Briana said...

I made those gloves, once, too! Yours look fab! Weekend Knitting is one of my favorite knitting books :)

kataish said...

The mittens are adorable. Also, I am planning to make one of these cakes tonight. So excited! AND I have peppermint extract I'm going to try to add it.


Montreal Mama said...

Cute mittens! Love the color of Briggs & Little!