Buffet & Basketball

Here's the new buffet. It's practically black, so good luck seeing the details. All I see is a square blob. I am just trying to figure out which paintings to hang above it. The wall looks painfully bare. I just need some time to think. Does it look too low? I think it's the angle on which I took the picture because it is fairly long and wide. Honest.

Here's a yellowing photo of my baby ripple blanket. Trust me, it is glaringly white in real life. It's over halfway finished. I can't wait to give this one away. It is so soft, and it's acrylic! In fact this was the yarn I had bought intentionally for the ruched blanket. So much for that.

You and T aren't the only ones enjoying basketball. Tonight the four of us are going to the JLC to watch the Harlem Globetrotters in action! Actually no one is looking forward to it, but I think that may change when they get there. I live with sloths!!