Hey N, did I tell you that I won an e-bay bid for a set of Boye interchangeables? I got the whole set for $35 and received notice today that it's been shipped. I'm so excited! Thanks for your advice on which set to buy. I think the aluminum ones will be better too.

The buffet looks really great! I want one just like it but there is no Bob Loblaws here. I bet it matches your table really nicely. Too bad about the piano though, not that anyone was really playing it.

You have inspired me to knit a feather and fan baby afghan. Yours looks so sweet! I can't believe how much of it you've finished already. If it is that quick to knit up I may knit one for my boss' grand baby who seems to want to come a whole three months early. Let's cross our fingers that that wont happen.

I've got some pictures of WIP's to share but they're at home still in my camera. Back to work!



LaurieM said...

Hi there! Someone from this blog left me a comment regarding knitting clubs in London Ontario. But you didn't leave a name or an e-mail addy!

Please write me back and laurie_corriveauAThotmailDOTcom so I can give you some info.