I Felt It Was Time...

Dear N,

Little B is looking more and more like her mum everyday.

It's good to be back although I am still buried under various piles of work and due to seasonal allergies my head is about the size of the Metrodome. I am knitting though and have a couple of things to share. This is the swatch that I made to determine how many stitches to cast on for the MDK Big Dotty cushion cover.
I think I am beginning to get why knitters make gauge swatches. The green is actually more of a celery colour, which looks much nicer against the brown in person. I've never before attempted a project with such fervor. After all it's only going to be a pillow for the bed room.

This is a clutch bag from One Skein that I knitted up in a couple of nights using the wool that I got at London Yarns. This is it before felting.I will save the 'after' picture for when it is dry and I have embellished it. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out after felting and may make one for my sister for her birthday.

And speaking of birthdays I think someone has one coming up! Any plans? I wish I was around so I could make you a cake. I saw this one and immediately thought of you. Why? I'm not quite sure but it sure is cute.

Happy Turn Off The Screens Week!