Wouldn't this be beautiful as an apron and tea towels from my new book? Now I need to plan a trip to IKEA if only for metres and metres of 100% cotton. My worst fear has been confirmed - I am too cheap for 100% linen. I bought a little less than 2 metres this afternoon, and it was over $40!! Jane let me borrow her membership card, so I saved 25%, but that is crazy!! She thought I was crazy, so we were even. It's been washed and dried, and it is in desparate need of ironing, then I will begin to cut into it. Please pray for me.

I am also nearly finished a Mason Dixon Ballband dishcloth, and I am thinking of the one you gifted me as I stitch. It is insanely simple - I have memorized the pattern, and I am in love with how it is turning out. I am using the chocolate brown for the edges and a light turquoise for the bubbley parts. I promise to take a picture. The batteries are charging up as we speak! Must go drink my coffee - J made a yummy apple cake for dessert. Mmm.