To Change or Not to Change

Dear N,

Hope you are doing well on this fine spring day. Ok, there’s snow on the ground and it’s freezing but the sun is really trying to come out and T bought me a bunch of tulips yesterday as a surprise. How sweet!

I thought I would consult you, as my dear friend and fellow knitter, on which set of interchangeable needle set to buy. I’ve been thinking about getting a set for awhile now but only recently decided that I’d get it after doing some research. I’ve narrowed it down to two sets, the Denise and the Boye Needlemaster. Both have quite a following and get very good reviews. Here is my own list of pros and cons.


- cable connection is easy and very effective (they do not come off while knitting)
- needle tips are plastic, which make them very light and aviation safe (great for those long hauls to Vancouver and back) but I’m not a huge fan of knitting with plastic needles
- cases come in blue or pink (my fave)
- Cost $49.95 on their website

Boye Needlemaster

- aluminum needle tips make for faster knitting, plus they are colour coded but not aviation safe
- cables are reported to be a little finicky but if you screw them on correctly they should not come off while knitting
- comes in a compact, zippered case
- more needle sizes than the Denise set
- Cost $47.25

I’m hoping that once I buy one of these, I wont have to buy any or as many other knitting needles. I realize that I prefer knitting with straights but it’s high time I grew up knit-wise and take the next step. I haven’t really added any new skills to my knitting and need to take it up a notch, which includes taking the drop spindle class at my LYS.

I’m tellin’ ya N, it’s spring and there’s change in the air….or at least interchangeables!