Feet of Fire

Here's B modelling her shaggy hair. She was miserable because she didn't want to wear the top in the picture. She thinks it's ugly.

You would not believe what I saw on my walk after dinner. J took the girls swimming, so I decided that I would take a long walk down through the park along the river. I immediately regretted not bringing my camera when I saw two giant geese waddling around the baseball diamond in the soccer fields by our house, but I didn't hit gold until after I came out from under the Wonderland Road overpass, and saw a Star Wars wedding. I am NOT making this up. How could I make this up? There was a whole troupe of them - Princess Leia and Luke, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, that guy that mentored Luke, a couple little furry things that I can't remember their names, and one of Darth Vader's soldier guys. You can tell that J is still not home because he would totally be able to help me with the lingo. Who gets married on a Monday night? In costume? I tried not to make eye contact and walked very fast. I didn't want to infringe on their moment. Eek!

Note to self: Bring camera on walk.