Thank You Dear T

Well I survived the birthday hoopla, and it was just the right dose of birthday goodness. Did you see my wall of birthday wishes? It makes me all warm and gushy inside. Both of your parcels, by some miracle, managed to find me within hours of each other. I ripped them open with the giddiness. It was slightly embarassing. If I haven't said it enough, I love it all. THANK YOU.

J had to work a bit later last night, so the girls and I languished in the living room, listening to Charlotte Diamond and giggling. B has some new dance moves. I finished knitting the front of a vest (I was about to take a picture, and you guessed it - the batteries are dead.) and E finished her homework without a spot of nagging. It was relaxing enough. Today I intent to lift the ban on the tv. I almost hate to as B has stopped considering tv an option, and she has found a mountain of activities to amuse her instead. Maybe I won't make a big announcement and see how long it takes her to ask.

The hippo picture is insanely cute. You seem to have caught me another delicious bass!