Happy Easter to you!

Dear N,

Happy Easter! What a lovely, spring mantle you have. And the eggs look great. I had no idea that you could dye brown eggs. At least the inside of your home looks like spring. I can't believe that you're having snow! It's cold here but sunny. I just can't get over the cold.

Any how, I am grateful for my nice, quiet Easter day. We are not having anyone over for dinner, not for the lack of trying. We did invite people but it seems everyone has family to spend the holiday with. More ham and cupcakes for T and I!

In knitting news, I've finished my first MDK baby kimono and have started on a second. I may end up frogging the second one though, because I think it's way too small for a regular baby. I suppose I could donate it to preemie babies. All I need to do now is to sew on the ribbon.

Well, I apologize for not blogging for awhile. I'll be starting on the MDK Big Dotty cushion cover and a couple other projects so I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I hope that you and your family have a very wonderful, albeit snowy, Easter. Spring will come anytime now.